Challenges with quickly looking up document properties using Document ID’s in SharePoint

Just a few running notes on my work with Document ID’s in SharePoint 2010.  The main challenge that I’m seeing in general with Doc Id’s is that they can only be resolved in one of two ways to actual documents:

  1. You can run a search within your SharePoint search center in the form “docid: 6WJUPFHUC735-11-1” (you can use your own ID in this case).  I presume in the event that you are using FAST, you’ll want to search on “spdocid:” but I haven’t verified this yet.
  2. You can send a query to “http://<serverurl>/_layouts/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=6WJUPFHUC735-11-1&#8221;, which simply issues a 302 (object moved redirect) and sends your browser to the file content.

In both of these cases, however, the challenge is that you are unable to immediately get to document properties or other ways of manipulating the document.  You either need to take the resulting search result (parsing the search result) to track down a reference to the document (solution #1, above), or you need to parse the contents of the 302 redirect and perform an additional query to lookup the document properties.

From a Document Id, there is not a straightforward way (in a single hop) to get a reference to the document object or the document metadata.  Perhaps I’m obsessing here, but it just feels like you shouldn’t need two hops from Document Id before you can view document metadata.

I’ll be posting further on this once I find a solution…